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Lies Vanborm

I graduated as a Master in Theatre Sciences at Ghent University in 2000. For the last 20 years I've been working as a creative producer for individual artists (Alexandra Bachzetsis, Christine De Smedt, Miet Warlop, 2 Many Dj's,...), festivals (Brugge 2002, Lille 2004, Filmfestival Ghent, Timefestival Ghent, Dour Festival,...), Art organizations (Les Ballets C de la B, Campo, Lod, Handelsbeurs,...) and events (soulwaxmas, opening STAM museum Ghent, Brussel Brost,...). Furthermore I dj in Ghent and abroad, select music for performances and I co-created two performances, Act and Soirée with Company.

For 7 years I've been working at Arts Centre Vooruit in Ghent where all my previous experiences come together. I am the coordinator of the programme and production team. From this central position in the organization I take an active role in rethinking it. Activating the organization to a more horizontal way of working and programming. Thinking about how and for whom we program. I am convinced that fluidity and constant evolving processes have to become a part of the organization and will never be 'finished'. My interest to be a reshaper is thus mainly triggered by 'how to create open, inclusive and flexible governance models' to share experiences, to learn and develop my views and our organization further.

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