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Louis Camille

Born in 1984, Camille Louis is a dramaturg, doctor of philosophy and co-initiator of, an international collective made up of researchers, artists and activists. She lectures at different international universities and, mainly, in Paris VII et Paris VIII in Paris. In her different creations- theoretical as well as artistical - she tries to put in connection political, philosophical and esthetical stages in order to find other narratives and other perceptions of the world we live in. She is particularly interested in the redefinition of «politics» and «common» which places the dynamic of conflict and action in their core. In this perspective, she spent and spends a lot of time in places of mobilisation like the european squares which were «occupied» in the sequence 2013-2016 (Syntagma in Athens, Taksim in Istanbul...) and, today, the cities concerned by the welcoming of exiled persons (jungle-et-la-ville).

In parallel, she is associated dramaturg in La Bellone in Bruxelles and in the Nanterre-Amandiers in Paris. She works in a lot of international contexts, in and out of Europe like Haiti, Argentina and Colombia where she developed a project called "Fabrique du commun", during a whole year and in between different cities. For this, she met various people - from philosophers to farmers - who had a relation with conflicts and memories and she created an evolutive sound-text that was transformed in a conversation frame, shared with 100 persons.

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