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Louna Sbou

Louna Sbou is, among else, co-founder of both tunesisters Entertainment (artist and event agency) and be'kech Anticafé (hybrid community space). As a serial entrepreneur she is a recovering capitalist moving toward less profit-first governance models in the cultural sphere. The core of her work is to support social initiatives and emerging artists, especially those with a displacement background as well as women* and queer* individuals of African and Arab descent. Her focus lies in the production and promotion of events with the aim of supporting cross-cultural dialogue around queer feminist and anti-racist discourses - locally and globally.

Louna was born as the daughter of two Moroccan immigrants in Germany. She organised her first events at the age of 14 and founded her first company at the age of 16. She has lived and worked abroad for a period of 8 years before returning to Berlin, Germany. During those years, she has mainly worked as an executive consultant and cultural manager at STATION Beirut or launching the first open mic events in Amman while programming festivals and booking artists in 36 countries worldwide.

Educated in 5 countries; Louna graduated from Law and Economics at University of Applied Sciences, Südwestfalen (Germany) and also holds an MBA from the University of Wales (UK). As a member of an EU delegation Louna travelled to Japan in 2016 and set up a collaboration with the German Embassy and local venues to promote Berlin-based artists in Japan. 2019 will see the 6th tour edition with a leading tape art collective to co-design art with Japanese communities.

In February 2017 Louna and her partner Nina Martin launched be’kech, Berlin’s first anticafé. Today be’kech is known as an epicentre of all things social, cultural and entrepreneurial. It uses a low-barrier economic model and a participatory curation approach. Over 400 events have been organised, in collaboration with travelling artists, regional NGOs, neighbourhood offices and activists. be'kech also runs residencies granting individuals support in realising their cultural projects. be'kech works mostly on intersectional projects centering queer*, of colour and migrant identity.

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