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Ludmila Dragulova

Over the last 3 years I have been working in the area of culture as cultural official representative (program coordinator, consultant) at the art council in Slovakia. At the work I focused at the area of libreries and theateries where I support young artists with their applications for public fundings. Previously I also conculted project for education and dance. My work includes full cycle administration, including accounting and commissioning of more than 550 projects a year. To work at the council is a very great opportunity becasue in the moment I started to work there the institution was just established.

My passion for art started already during my studies at the university. I studied an aesthetics in Nitra (Slovakia). The faculty is oriented on interpretation of culture. My diploma thesis was devoted to very inovative topic in our environment- activism in Slovak art. After my studies I had a great opportunity to join team of festival of fotography in Slovakia - off festival for 2 years where I supported the team as an exhibition coordinator.

I participated in conference Data (For) Culture in Katowice (2017). It was very interesting to see how to use the data in the cultural sector, but it also opened the question how to measure art project, because it is not just about quantity but also about quality. I read interesting book about this topic (Knut Ove Eliassen, Jan Fiedrik Hovden: Contested Qualities - negotiating Value in Art and Culture).

I am a member of club young official. This initiative brings together young people working in the office and ministry. From this initiative I was a co-organizer of nonformal meetings for cultural officials. We would like to organize more event like this. Last topic what we were discussing was transformation of culture institution.

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