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Marija Dejanović

"U privremenom smještaju kod ljudi" is collaboration of me (poet awarded with "Goran" and "Zdravko Pucak" prizes for young poets) and Sara Renar (musician praised by the critics and the audience, awarded with "Porin" prize and nominated for "IMPALA" award for album of the year). The project combines poetry, music and performance.

Since I am a graduate student of educational sciences and comparative literature, and Sara is an architect, we combine improvisation, inspiration and living in the moment with carefully crafted structure and reflexive approach.

As an activist, I collaborated with feminist association "Inicijativa za feministički Filozofski", I am volunteering for Are You Syrious and my critical texts on education were published by VoxFeminae and MAZ.

I was a paticipant in education "Trening za trenere u području edukacije o ljudskim pravima" by Kuća ljudskih prava Zagreb and took part in a forum-theatre workshop "Osnažimo se zajedno". Sara collaborated with Montažstroj, SKROZ, "Goranovo proljeće", "Tko Čita?", "Sjećanje na Tina" and "Doručak kod Krleže", and is a part of a pilot project by EU "European Music Incubator".

The main fields of our interest in relation to the Reshape project reshaping production and reception of poetry by combining it with music and performance. Also, we are reshaping the process of creating music by treating it as a living structure that grows from the words, making an ecosystem, thus transforming the reception of music.

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