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Mohamed Ali Bilal Bela

Our country has been a suitable ground for racism, ethnic discrimination and marginalization against a large and important ethnic group of the society, which is the component of the Haratin. This component is greatly affected by the injustice and marginalization because they have been enslaved in the name of religion for centuries, and until now the practices of slavery still exist despite being criminalized by the Mauritanian constitution and the international laws as well.

From the previously mentioned situation, we have been trying since the founding of Teranim to create alternative ways and environments make the popular artists active people in their societies. We train and educate them on the based roles that they can play through their art. The popular art has started to comeback to its national place where there is no social or public activity nowadays without its presence.

Of course, this work and the effort have left a deep impact on the direct and indirect targeted people. It needs considerable human and financial resources. We are a new born institute and yet we don't have a stable budget able to ensure the continuity of our activities. Also, the regionalism and preferring still control the financial supports that are supposed be given by the government, especially, when it is related to the marginalized groups. Getting funds and sponsorships from the international institute is not easy, too because of their difficult administrative rules and conditions sometimes. Therefore, we thought from the very beginning of creating new ways of getting funds in Mauritania which is Solidarity Financing through the program of Melgatta. It is for collecting donations to support the continuity of programs and the activities of Teranim through creating a local network of friends growing day after another. Yet, it is not enough, but because of the luck of an institutional sponsorship it is our only way to keep on.

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