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Patricia Salla

Sall Lam Toro is an Afro-Portuguese Queer artist based in Aarhus, Denmark mainly working with conceptual live art, poetry, video performance and embodied practices such as butoh and improvisational dance. She is interested in deconstructing, re-signifying and examining the tensions between social and visceral body through concepts of decolonization, rhizome philosophy, and queer theory.

She is quite interested in the concept of sharing and engagement and involvement with audiences making creating contexts/spaces where there is collective transformation and a rise of new social practices by challenging old/current ones existing in a determined place. Further, she is interested in a combination of queering and decolonizing geography by creating a practice-based methodology utilizing such theoretical concepts in performative settings challenging notions of identity formation and social practice.

Experimentation and collaboration are key elements in Sall's work as she believes that we ought to generate expanded forms of kinship in society in order to live and die better as technology as mental illness grow in dependency and lead our bodies more and more fostered by isolation, alienation and disconnection from each other, nature and the rest of the universe. Consequently, she is fond of forms of decapitalization and de-commodification of the body through concepts of decolonial thinking, as she observes that capitalism is ecologically, sociologically, and spiritually more and more destructive and it is rooted in colonial/imperial thinking. Thus, we must decolonize the minds and the hearts!

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