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Riccardo Attanasio

I am a London based multidisciplinary artist working internationally. My work is best known for its fluidity in different art forms including performance, dance, painting and sculpture. I obtained a degree in Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Naples and an MA in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University.

When I work I value the context I work in, finding a common ground with each culture I connect with. I create cathartic actions and performances in the fore-front of current political, environmental and spiritual concerns by digging for the essence of humanity beyond race and custom. I often collect relics from my performances which later become objects of memory and contemplation. I previously performed and shown my work extensively in Europe, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, South Africa, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Myanmar, Mauritius and South Korea. I am trained in Dance and have very much connected to body practices as I am also a vipassana meditator in my art back-stage.

I have already plenty of work expeirence abroad for my age and I was lucky to be invited to places where things are still very messed up politically. That was a way to open my mind towards the world's real problems and it was also what pushed me performing more in the streets, where the people are. About reshaping, I am lately very much focussing on the de-construction and re-construction of our ideas of society and I am trying to saw all cultures together. As we are one race, the human race, which has to still do many step forward to be able to be really called human race, we did not yet unfold our real potential and that's what i am working on through my meditative practice and in response through my performances. My latest work is called "Melting Borders" which connects with the reconstruction of our society as essence but also scratching borders.

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