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Roberto Maqueda

Born in Badajoz (Spain), I'm heterodox percussionist/post-percussionist/sound-artistd (difficult to define my-self) interested in the development of new discourses in unexplored contexts. I have studied with Christian Dierstein in Basel, as well as with Fred Frith (improviser). In addition, actually I work on various proposals guided by the Norwegian percussionist Håkon Stene, who was one of the first talking about post-instrumental practices in musical performance.

My longest project at the moment is reConvert project, a percussion/electronics duo formed with Lorenzo Colombo, with whom I share a philosophy and aesthetics of work carved in the last five years. As well I have particular interests in some other topics that I tried to bring alive through different creative platforms. One of them is y-band, a project formed with four more curious performers who live across Europe. I thought from the very beginning that with the concept of non-borders in Europe that millennials (y generation) have, and the great facilities for communicate between us, I should try out a project that in his core has this aim of non-borders and free communication between us. We live in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany.

My most personal project, [expandING_percussion] has recently been awarded with the INJUVE Award for Young Creation of the Spanish Government, and I work together with different creators in the process of creation and conception of new pieces for the percussion of the XXI century (or the post-percussion), always dialoguing with the use of media and technology. As well, It's very present for me in this project the co-creative work, and who the rights for art-works need to find different rules at our time.

Latest, the CONTAINER platform, that tries to put together music and musicians from South America and Europe, crossing the Ocean with ideas, experiences and human-beings.

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