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Sina Saberi

I am a performing artist and a cultural manager based in Tehran. My practice evolves around understanding and introducing the body and movement in the context of Iran where for 40 years the art form of dance has been subject to much limitation, unclarity and well, discrimination. I often have worked as a soloist the past years in my work. Also, I have co-founded the dance collective MaHa (who is the founder of the "body movement" festival in Iran) in 2014 and am now the director of Kahkeshān which is a CBO dedicated to dance research and creation. Kahkeshān was born out of this 6-year journey of discovery and learning in understanding what the needs of a supposedly non-existing community of art enthusiasts could be and how they can be addressed through the idea of togetherness and co-dependence in a minor community. not to mention that what we do is still within this system, an illegal act.

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