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Sun Chang

I am an artist organizing events and programs. I grew up in China and am currently based in Amsterdam.

As a person trained as an artist from a young age, I studied and worked in the art filed in Beijing, London, New York, Amsterdam, Leipzig and Athens. I also have experienced different fine arts discourses through a variety of educational and financial systems shaped by different social, political and economic structures. To me, the question of “where to present” and “why to present” is more urgent than others, especially in a context where contemporary art is dominated by consumption-based capitalism and geo-politics based on cultural colonialism.

I keep on trying to de-contextualize art from the contemporary art system and market by exploring what kind of value can be created afterwards and what it can do elsewhere. In the recent years, my focus was mainly about moving art out of the art system by using art spaces as a springboard (re-locate), growing art in-situ which is defined by the people related to the location (re-define), exploring the social fabric through art in order to connect people (social relation), and embedding the re-defined value in the current context (social impact).

Often, my practice is takes the shape of time-based programs containing social happenings and gatherings made through collaborations.

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