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Tiago Prata

I am a cultural manager and international cooperation expert based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I spent my first working years in Portugal, working as a music journalist and a cultural producer (mainly in music, film and some theatre). In 2013 I moved to Sweden to lead the international work at TILLT, a social enterprise working with artist-led, applied-art projects in non-artistic arenas, always connected to community and social development issues.

In that role I have developed and implemented several international cultural cooperation projects with funding from different european and national sources. The latest one, ongoing as we speak, a horizontal cultural production platform called Borderline Offensive: Laughing in the Face of Fear, which explores how humor aesthetics and participatory arts influence cultural conflicts and intercultural dialogue in a fractured Europe, with the purpose of supporting more tolerant European communities, and European artistic practices which are more approachable to non-audiences. For transparency: Ettijahat is an associate partner of said project.

Formally I have a Bachelor's in Culture Studies (University of Lisbon) and a Master's in Cultural Management (ISCTE-IUL). Non-formally I am an Alumnus of Tandem Cultural Exchange, European Diploma on Cultural Management, and Global Cultural Leadership Platform. The core and passion of my work is knowing/talking/exploring more about how artistic/cultural practices and creative transgression contribute to transnational community building and global sustainable development - so my working methods and future visions align almost perfectly with the objectives of RESHAPE.

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