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Yara Said

Yara Said is a Syrian visual artist based in the Netherlands. The Salwa Foundation was initiated by Yara. She received her education at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Damascus, where she graduated in 2014. As a result of personal experience, she is aiming to connect art with social development. By immersing herself in disciplines such as politics, psychology, sociology, and theology, she endeavours to pinpoint the position of artists in society and the perception of that same society on artists. With this goal in mind, the Salwa Foundation was established. Named after Yara’s grandmother, Salwa is a name for girls in Arabic. Salwa means: “consolation”, “that which brings happiness”, “something that makes you forget your sadness and worries”. Yara is now enrolled in the Dirty Art Department at the Sandberg Institute, a two-year Master of Arts program.

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