Reshaping Copenhagen

How we reshaped Copenhagen, and how Copenhagen (re) shaped our discussion on transnational/postnational artistic practices.

Beside first impressions of Copenhagen, Gjorgje Jovanovik outlined in his storyboard the process of discussions within the group. "Mobility of knowledge, decentralisation, responsibility, fair practice, funding, haring common values, safe working conditions, hospitality are just few of the important notions that we started to talk about. These lead us into a direction of creating several diagrams in which we have tried to record the problems, struggles and urgencies that we are facing in daily basis." Gjorgje points out. Read the whole story here.

Pau Cata's video points out some notions that were discussed in the first Reshape workshop in Copenhagen, such as travelling, mobility, human rights, micro actions, rituals, colonisation, others...

Petr's mind map "Analogy on Priviledge" also points out pravailing questions in the workshop discussions.

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