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Arts and Theatre Institute

The Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) is a state-funded organization founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1959. The mission of ATI is to provide the Czech and international public with a comprehensive range of research, documentation and information services in the field of theatre, dance, music and other branches of the arts (literature and visual arts). In the field of promotion of Czech culture, mainly theatre/performing arts abroad, ATI provide information ATI (co)organize international and local projects, residencies, festivals, exhibitions, seminars and conferences ATI cooperate with Czech and foreign performing arts organizations, institutions, and universities ATI are members of international networks and international non-governmental theatre organizations ATI provide contacts and information about Czech performing arts and music abroad and about foreign performing arts and music at home ATI prepare publications and information materials about Czech performing arts and music for international experts and audiences

Pavla Petrova
Prague, Czech Republic
Pavel Štorek
Prague, Czech Republic
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