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Flanders Arts Institute

Flanders Arts Institute is an expertise centre for the arts from Flanders and Brussels. It is the contact point for foreign art professionals in search of information on the arts in Flanders. To stimulate international exchange between artists, art professionals and policy-makers, FAI is active in three main areas. Analysis & research of the arts - FAI collects, analyses and publishes data and research on the development of the arts and its policy, in Belgium and abroad. Support for artists and organisations - FAI supports the development of artists and organisations through knowledge sharing and R&D. FAI presents and publishes research, organises information sessions and provides individual advice focused on the long-term development of artistic practices. Internationalisation - FAI stimulates artists and organisations to engage in international relations by organising visitor and exchange programmes and the organisation of spotlights on Flanders abroad.

Joris Janssens
Brussels, Belgium
Dirk De Wit
Brussels, Belgium
Sofie Joye
Brussels, Belgium
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