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Joris Janssens

Joris Janssens is Head of Research and Development at Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute, the Institute for the development of music, visual arts and performing arts in Flanders and Brussels. Before that, he was director and researcher at VTi (Institute for the Performing Arts in Flanders) and researcher at KU Leuven, where he holds a Ph.D on literature and linguistics. His research and projects focus on diverse aspects of the arts ecosystem in Flanders, Brussels and beyond: the international dimension of the arts, the position of artists, local and international networking, arts and urban development, cultural diversity,… On these topics, he has managed R&D-projects, published and edited articles and books and lectured in academic, artistic and policy environments, with a Flemish and a European scope (e.g. Travelogue, SPACE, Compendium for Cultural Policies and Trends).

Flanders Arts Institute
Brussels, Belgium
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