Adam Kucharski

Adam Kucharski is an urbanist, artist, and civic policy innovator working at the nexus of public space creation and civic institution building. Adam has been a leading voice for the role of strong civic institutions and uses data to advise on the creation of inclusive and resilient cities. Adam’s artistic and policy interventions in places such as Cairo, Jerusalem, Riyadh, and Sharjah have focused on policies and programmes that take into account citizens’ rights, equity, cultural production, and environmental justice. As an educator, Adam has lectured on public policy and arts activism and has developed unique pedagogies that deploy choreography and performance as tools for equitable urban planning. Adam is the founder of Kuchar&Co, a uniquely hybrid artist platform that mobilises collaboration with artists, scholars, and urbanists to inform and advise urban and social policy. Adam has degrees from the University of Chicago and MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

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ETMAC: The Extra-territorial Ministry of Arab Culture

At a time when Arab countries are bleeding away their creative capital with the departure, emigration, or exiling of pioneering intellectuals and artists, one wonders about the future of their practices and legacies. HaRaKa’s performance theorist and artist Adham Hafez and anthropologist and urbanist Adam Kucharski pose the following question: can the institution of the ministry of culture be rehabilitated to serve this new diffuse community of art producers and serve as a locus of cultural production outside of the traditional boundaries of the nation? Can the institution evolve to meet the needs of an artistic and cultural community that is, at least temporarily, extra-territorial? And can it help to rebuild shattered national institutions on artists’ terms?

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