Declan McGonagle

Curator and writer. After studying and working as an artist, he was the founding Director of the Orchard Gallery (Derry), the First Tyne International Exhibition (Tyneside. UK.), the Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), the Civil Arts Inquiry (Dublin), Interface - Art, Design and Contested Space (Belfast) as well as the Director of Exhibitions at ICA (London) and Director of the National College of Art and Design (Dublin). He has initiated and curated a range of exhibitions in institutional and public settings. He regularly writes and talks about institutional and art practice, engagement and the transformation of relations between art and artist, citizenship and the state.

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Hope Through the Fog

McGonagle argues that a similar solution like that to the Covid-19 virus, to the other virus – the virus of the small state agenda which has infected societal provision and expectations – lies in a cultural turn towards reciprocal social relations, which can be articulated in a total art process that is not limited to rhetorical modes of production and consumption. The stakes could not be higher for individuals and communities right now in this immediate crisis but questions about what principles will inform the future are also necessary and important, to see hope through the fog.

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