Nebojša Milikić

Cultural worker and producer, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1990 engaged in political activism, organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts, independent research, public debate and critical writing about cultural and political problems of transitional societies. Publishes in various activist and art portals, participates in collaborative projects, activist research and campaigns in country and abroad. From 1999 onward works in Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of various programs and projects. Member of the initiative No To Rehabilitation dedicated to struggle against historical revisionism and negationism.

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A Short History of Unnoticed Notifications

Gathered around the storyboard of a comic book describing an Eastern European art worker, an uncanny, quirky cast of characters find themselves in a heated political debate. Revealing layer upon layer of unanswered questions, forgotten convictions, eternal doubts, ethical inconsistencies and abandoned dreams, Milikić depicts a world in which art workers navigate between cynicism and ideals. With strength, conviction and lots of humour, he advocates for keeping one’s course in the murky waters of compromise and concessions.

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