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reshape forum in lublin

Forum Lublin gathers artists and art workers from Europe and South Mediterranean interested and engaged in alternative practices and organisational models for the arts and culture.

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The Forum launches RESHAPE, a project led by a partnership of art-supporting organisations, an experimental process aiming to imagine models and tools shaping the arts sector of the future.
Throughout Europe and South Mediterranean, initiatives emerge experimenting with strategies to engage diverse audiences, to connect across sectors, to be more aligned with the values they defend. RESHAPE looks for such structures, connects them and proposes time and space to work together to jointly (re)imagine how the performing arts and culture sector could be organised in the future.

Forum Lublin is a conference open to all arts and culture professionals. The debates, workshops and presentations planned for the event will serve as an introduction to a 2-year process of imagining and creating answers for five major challenges of today’s arts and culture sector: “Art and citizenship,” “Fair governance” “Value of art in social fabric,” “Solidarity funding,” “Transnational / postnational artistic practices”. A final day of the conference will be dedicated to closed sessions where art workers selected through an open call will start the process of building concrete proposals and solutions.
Download the programme in .pdf here.
Selected events
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What Is To Be Reshaped

Toni Cots, Igor Stokfiszewski and Amahl Khouri in conversation with Barbara Van Lindt (Belgium) about perspectives of artist, art workers and policy makers in Europe and South Mediterranean.

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