ConferenceReshaping the Art World: An Experiment in Collaborative Change-making

Reshaping the Art World: An Experiment in Collaborative Change-making

The results of the RESHAPE research are here – at the final conference, the RESHAPE community will come together and welcome artists, art workers, researchers and policy makers to discuss their ideas, test their proposals and join in on the conversation on the future evolution of the arts sector.

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Artist dinner

Visit to Ateliers Žitnjak

The artistic organization Ateliers Žitnjak was founded in 2004 by the fellowship of artists, users of the ateliers in the complex of ex-elementary school Žitnjak, a venue under the public ownership of the City of Zagreb, that was re-made into ateliers in 2003.

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RESHAPE Prototype

Horizontal Forum

4D Catch up session by Reshapers and FARO: Eduardo Bonito, Lala Deheinzelin, Livia Diniz, Isabel Ferreira, Katarina Pavic and Claire Zerhouni

Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb
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Walking Tour

Trešnjevka Neighborhood, Curatorial Collective BLOK

Vesna Vuković and Dunja Kučinac will present BLOK's agency and activities in a guided tour through a few chosen locations in the Trešnjevka neighborhood.

Meeting point @ Student Centre courtyard, Savska cesta 25
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RESHAPE Prototype

Governance of the Possible

Following the call of the RESHAPE Network to reimagine fairer governance models, the 'autonomous board' (Martin Schick, Helga Baert and Sam Trotman and many other voices) has built a collective proposal for action underpinned by a new paradigm.

Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb (Zagreb) & Dijaški dom, Kotnikova 4 (Ljubljana)
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Book launch

RESHAPE - A Workbook to Reimagine the Art World

The publication "RESHAPE – A Workbook to Reimagine the Art World" documents a series of Prototypes designed by the RESHAPE community of artists and art workers. These prototypes function as proposals reflecting and inciting the transition of the sector towards more equitable and more sustainable ways of working.

@ Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb
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Reflections on the Art World, Its Future(s), and Potentialities

Natalija Majsova in conversation with Davor Mišković. This talk will explore how to reimagine the art world for today and tomorrow as a space of greater solidarity and fairness, and as a sphere intertwined with other realms of human activity.

@ Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb
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Artist talk

FORSALE by Lea Kukovičič

Performance "Auction House FORSALE" is in its legal nature an auction house, and yet it is a conceptual work of art made by the artist and performance-maker Lea Kukovičič. In Artist Talk FORSALE, the artistic director of the auction house will reveal the layers of mechanisms and unpack the ideology of the world's first theatre performance auction house.

@ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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RESHAPE Prototype

A Tarot Deck to Reimagine the Arts

This workshop is an opportunity to reflect together on the possible transformations of the practices of our sector. For this, we will use an experimental tool: a set of cards inspired by a tarot deck and created by artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

@ Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3
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RESHAPE Prototype

4D Evaluation Focus Group

by Reshapers and FARO : Eduardo Bonito, Lala Deheinzelin, Livia Diniz, Isabel Ferreira, Katarina Pavic and Claire Zerhouni

@ Sindikalna dvorana, Slomškova 18
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RESHAPE Prototype

Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity

During this workshop, we will test ‘The Gamified Workshop Toolkit’, a card game specially designed for teams from different cultures, backgrounds, or personal situations, that are just beginning their collaboration.

@ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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RESHAPE Prototype

Mobilising Resources for Solidarity: Presenting Art'n'Stay

Art'n'Stay is a platform that allows arts and culture spaces to create a new revenue stream, through the exchange and rental of their unused spaces.

@ Dijaški dom, Kotnikova 4
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Reshaping Policies and Arts Support

Working session for participants from arts institutions involved in policy-making and arts funding, moderated by Mary Ann DeVlieg and Rarița Zbranca

@ Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3
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Walking Tour

Three Factories – Three Management Styles / From Electricity, Sugar and Bicycles to Art and Creative Industries?

Tjaša Pureber, a cultural worker, activist and a researcher of contemporary social and political movements will take you on a tour of three factories – all working factories in former century (or even one before) are now in process of transition or already transformed into spaces for art.

meeting point @ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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Walking Tour


The walk from Stara elektrarna a bit to North will take us to a fenced constructions site that has been stagnant for year; an emerging production space for transdisciplinary practices, which sprouted from the neglected, crater-resembling construction site near the city center of Ljubljana.

meeting point @ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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The Art of Disobedience

If culture is a set of invisible customs, rules and regulations pertaining to our society, can we view art as a way to question, break and reinvent them? Should artists be a force of disobedience, calling out for changes in the existing order of things? Can an artwork invite its audience to a space of shared concern, and function as an act of disobedience?

@ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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Marko Bulc: First Altruistic Performance

The First Altruistic Performance isbased on the author’s frustration and dissatisfaction with most of the so‑called artivistic projects (including his own), which exploit unfortunate, unjust, illegal, and similar miserable situations of the other and the others for self‑promotion and to strengthen their artistic ego, while being for the most part self‑sufficiently confined within the boundaries of the art system.

@ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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RESHAPE Prototype

Pop-up Office of the Department for Civil Imagination

The DCI agents invite you to join individual conversations where dreaming and imagining are grounds for prefiguring new ways of working in the arts. The DCI is a fictional department that utilises civil imagination as a radical act to reshape realities in poetic, practical and political ways.

@ Bunker’s office, Slomškova 7
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RESHAPE Prototype

The Home and the Suitcase: A Discussion on the Value of Art in the Social Fabric

In this session, a group of artists and art workers they will guide us through the challenging journey that they underwent: questioning and mapping the areas of crisis that affect the independent cultural workers and artists, and planting seeds for possible positive futures to grow.

@ Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Maistrova 3
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Certain Things Need to Be Said if One is to Avoid Falsifying the Problem. – Decolonisation, Degrowth and Art

During the round table session, we will try to think about the following with our intersectional glasses on: How are decolonisation and degrowth mutually intertwined, and how are they intertwined with the art world, both together and separately? How does the concept and practice of degrowth differ from aspirations for sustainable practices? Where do decolonisation and degrowth intersect in relation to art?

@ Stara elektrarna, Slomškova 18
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Artist dinner

Artist Dinners

Various artists from Ljubljana will host Reshape crew in their homes.

Information on the locations available at the registration desk
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